Friday, January 30, 2009

Poo Mining

The Japanese are once again putting us to shame in the realm of doing more with less.

Two days ago, sewage plant operator Nagano Prefecture Suwa Construction Office announced that approximately 4.2 pounds of gold can be mined from each ton of molten fly ash generated when incinerating sludge at its facility in the town of Suwa. And it has actually proven profitable. In their first month of poo mining, Nagano Prefecture filtered out $56,000 worth of gold.

Now, you're probably saying to yourself, We have poo. Where's our gold? Excellent question. There is no time better than during an economic recession to begin searching for alternative sources of income.

Please contact your Congressperson and tell them that you want America to start poo mining today. (Click here to find out who represents you.)

Via Pink Tentacle.

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