Monday, December 22, 2008

Rally in Rittenhouse

We are thrilled to report that our Philadelphia chapter's Rally in Rittenhouse last Friday was a wonderful success.

Despite the rain, we saw quite a turnout from Philadelphia Live Small supporters, both young and old. We also met scads of Philadelphians who were interested to learn more about our organization.

Perhaps most importantly, thanks must be extended to our group of young Live Small supporters. Because of their efforts, even in the rain, we were able to adjourn at three o'clock without a single informational booklet left to hand out.

Please enjoy the pictures below.

Jim B., Sharon, and Ronnie showing their support.

A handful of our informational booklets.

Lisa, a young Live Small supporter, conversing with an intrigued passer-by.

Young Live Small supporters Leah, Robin, and Percy speaking with an interested pedestrian.

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